Mandarin Chinese Class

Does your child:

  • Speak Mandarin at home?
  • Study Mandarin at school?
  • Express interest in learning a new language?

Are you looking to:

  • Preserve your child’s fluency?
  • Reinforce your child’s language education?
  • Give your child the advantages of bilingualism?
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Welcome to Mandarin Mission

Our goal is to make the study of Mandarin Chinese exciting for children, whether they’re native speakers, have never been exposed to the language, or are somewhere in between. We believe that a sense of fun and a deep commitment to education go hand in hand.

Why Mandarin Chinese?

“New evidence suggests that studying Chinese and learning to write Chinese characters may train a whole array of cognitive abilities not utilized by the study of other languages and writing systems.” Learning Chinese Pays Dividends: Of Characters and Cognition, The Asia Society

Why now?

“While new language learning is easiest by age 7, the ability markedly declines after puberty.”  Language Best Learned by Age 7 Study Shows, Newsday

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Classes are held in The Jubilee Center of Hoboken
601-603 Jackson Street
3rd Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030