About the Session

Saturdays, February 22 – April 4
(6 classes with 1 designated make-up class* – all classes are drop-off only)


Pre-school, ages 3 and 4
(Children must be potty-trained or in diapers)

Kindergarten, ages 5 & 6

Classes are conducted in Mandarin Chinese. Enrollment is capped at 12 students per class. A lead teacher and assistant instruct all classes.

Each class opens with a welcome song to help the students settle in and transition away from English. After the children greet each other and introduce themselves, the teacher leads them through a series of age-appropriate activities based on a theme each week.

The emphasis is on building vocabulary, character recognition, and writing skills. Children learn as a class and are matched by fluency for exercises conducted in smaller groups and pairs. Not only does this encourage students to learn from each other, but it also addresses the range of language ability among the students.

Themes include colors and numbers, family members, animals, food, weather, and transportation. As the weeks progress, classes build on previous instruction. During the later food week, for instance, students say the color of their favorite foods and count out play money to “buy” them. Similarly, they share which family members they would like to take on different vehicles during the final transportation week.

Class concludes with a story read by the teacher and a good-bye song.

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